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Cancellation & Refund Policy


For refundable fares, a processing fee by AirX Customer Service may be charged for all permitted cancellations. 

Most airline service fees and airline tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Vacation protection insurance can be refunded within 15 bank working days of purchase in case the travel has not begun, and the customer has called the customer service of the airline to cancel. All cancellations should be done via phone only. Refund requests will be accepted only after the following conditions have been met: 

  • The traveler has applied for cancellation and refund with us and the airline rules allow for the same 

  • The traveler should not be a 'no show'. Most no-show bookings are not eligible for refund processing from suppliers. 

  • Waivers are secured from the airlines by us to process the request for cancellation and refund. 

For flight ticket refunds, it isn't easy to provide the exact date or time it may take for the refund process. All requests for refunds are processed in a sequence. Once a notification is sent to the customer service agent, an e-mail notification will be sent us to confirm such a request. However, this notification is just an acknowledgment of your request and does not automatically qualify you for a refund. Upon receiving the request, we work with the concerned airlines to arrive at a waived amount based on the rules of the airlines and then notify you of the decision of the airlines. Please note that we depend on the airlines to receive refunds. After approval of restitution by the airlines, it might take some additional time for the same to reflect in your credit card statement. Generally, a penalty is charged for refunds by all airlines. The entire process, from receipt of your refund request to reflection of the same in your credit card statement, might take 60-90 days. Apart from the refund penalties imposed by the airline, AirX will charge a fee of $50 per ticket for processing this refund. These fees will be assessed only if the airline has authorized the refund or a waiver has been received and when rules of the airline permit such refunds. In case the airline does not process your refund, we will refund you the processing fees charged by us. 


Most airline tickets are completely non-refundable and non-transferable. In cases where the airline does allow cancellations, a credit may be valid towards ticket purchases in the future with travel on flights of the same airline. Fare difference (if any) and the applicable penalty will be added in such cases. The time constraints and expiration date of such credit should be discussed beforehand with the customer service agent. All such bookings that allow for cancellation must be canceled prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight by calling our customer service representative. We do not guarantee any cancellation. At the time of booking cancellation, a cancellation fee of $50 per ticket is payable to us. This fee is retained by us. The credit available must be used within a certain time period and date or you will lose the credit amount. When making a new booking, you must pay the applicable fare difference, airline penalties and Travel Inc exchange fees. All such changes are governed by the rules and regulations of the airlines. No representations or guarantees on fees or changes are provided by AirX. Read our Refunds policy if you’re canceling a booking or applying for a refund. For changing the flight dates or routing, read more about our Change policy. 


For itineraries where the airline permits changes, AirX charges a change/exchange fee, fare difference if any, and airline penalties. The total cost of the exchanged ticket can be rightly ascertained by calling our customer center. Our Ticket Exchange fees (not including airline penalty fees and fare difference)- For Domestic Travel where the Departure Date is more than 7 days away – up to $30, for Domestic Travel where the Departure Date is within 7 Days - $50, International Travel where Departure Date is more than 7 days away – up to $100, International Travel where Departure Date is within 7 days away $150. We make no additional representation for our exchange fees except the assistance of an agent in locating your new desired flights and making attempts to re-book new flights subject to availability and other factors.

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